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The Lotus Learning Engine

For too long, learning has been confused with teaching. However, learning is something that can happen through experience and curiosity without being explicitly taught. Lotus Learning is a learning engine that provides on-demand content in a loosely structured framework, allowing the freedom for high-performing learners to make their own learning path.

We believe that learners will excel at retention, comprehension, and adherence if given the freedom to work at their own pace and in their own preferred format.

The Teaching Trap

  • Teaching to a curriculum assumes that the materials have to be sequenced and abide by a strict syllabus with dictated timelines

  • These same principles are digitized into CBT with associated dashboards and metrics showing a group of learners’ pace of progress per the syllabus

  • We believe that better metrics are engagement and performance comprehension

Learner Agency

  • Current teaching and CBT does not create the power of choice nor agency for the learner and as a result we end up with frustrated learners who adjust their answers to pass a test

  • Lotus Learning uses other metrics such as consumption of literature and content associated with the subject matter that are better predictors of performance and comprehension

  • Learners with this type of agency tend to have better retention of the topic

Multi-Modal Format

  • People have varied preferences when it comes to learning material formats such as reading and writing, talking and listening, or doing

  • Lotus Learning provides alternative learning paths, curriculum or content for various types of learners within an organization

  • Learners also have the option to expand their understanding of a topic by teaching that topic to others in their organization and on the Geflen platform


  • There is never the case that any one person has the exact path of another within a game and instead they are able to score points in their areas of interest

  • Lotus Learning draws on this mechanic to create a unique and engaging journey for every learner

  • Every learner on the platform is able to choose their own story and learn in their own individual way

What Our Clients Say

Rabbi Alan Ciner

Listen, I’m older. You’re modernizing the delivery of education.

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