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A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that provides new learning pathways and on-demand services 
to lower costs and complexity 
for staff development.

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Who We Are

Geflen is a disruptive digital platform that creates curated learning pathways for users as they explore the various topics and complex subject matters needed to gain organization-specific credentials. We empower visionary leaders and their teams to customize and carve out a clear path to certifications, sales enablement, and other business functions.

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The platform is for the multigenerational, busy individual who needs to stay up-to-date with their learning (e.g., credentialing, new mergers, or innovation within their market).

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Moreover, the platform empowers visionary leaders and their teams to customize and carve out a clear path to personalized learning journeys (e.g., employees, association members, students).

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Key Features

For Sustaining Excellence

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Lotus Learning

Inspired by gamification applications, this rosetta web makes organizing the content you need your audience to discover easier to digest.

Engaging Learning Techniques

The learner gains confidence in subject topics through the platform empowering them to consume the content as a part of their own learning pathway.

Scalable for All Organization Sizes

The platform works well with other commonly known communication tools and can be scaled to fit an organization of any size.



DeHaven Prillerman, Digital Transformation Leader Porsche NA

"This platform helps me to create transparency and visibility across the multiple silos of my organization."

Guy in an Office

“Members of my organization can now see how their efforts fit with the broader strategy and that they are more than a cog in a wheel”

Henri Ward, Platform Advocate


“Listen, I’m older. You’re modernizing the delivery of education”

Rabbi Ciner, Vice president at Touro College of Medicine, NYC.


Scott, Platform Advocate

"Geflen is a single destination that enables confidence through curating digestible and engaging content."

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