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Learning Cohort

In an increasingly remote learning landscape, the ability for industry trainers to provide safe, frequent workshops and lectures has become limited. Trainers and their audience of learners are in need of engaging, digital knowledge delivery formats that will allow them to communicate learning in a lasting and meaningful way. 


What Does It Mean to be Part
of the Geflen Cohort?

The Geflen Cohort
  • Geflen is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that provides current training materials directly from industry leaders in unique and engaging formats.

  • As a trainer, you will have access to a state of the art digital platform for your materials, as well as full-service support for planning and execution of your storytelling.

  • As a part of the Geflen cohort, you will have the chance to add your story to the Harborline Collection, and will be able to reach a wide audience of individuals and corporations.

Cohort Driven Learning Catalog

JAN 2023

Moving from DE&I to Belonging

MAR 2023

Supplier Diversity & Upskilling

JUN 2023

Addressing Post-Trauma Violence in the Workplace

SEP 2023

Anti-Bullying & Respect in the Workplace

Learning Catalog

Membership Benefits

  • Access and insights from other Enterprise Learning Leaders

  • Comparative data benchmarking of learners across other organizations

  • Train the trainer sessions from Thought Leaders and Academic Partners

  • Full service support to optimize your digital workshop format and storytelling

  • Access to professional services for storytelling, videography, and more

  • Access to test audiences, including individuals as well as large enterprises


Insights and Progress Tracking Across
Multiple Organizations

Progress Tracking
  • The Lotus Learning Engine is a gamified platform, which provides fun and easy knowledge consumption by learners.

  • Content is curated to match the interests and learning modalities of the individual learner.

  • Platform provides insights on trending learning journeys and popular content modalities.

Consideration of Various Learning Styles
Learning Styles
noun_Social_3856806 (1).png
Social Learning

Learning primarily through social interactions such as study groups and engaging conversation

Social Learning

Learning primarily from group interactions and active conversation.

noun_Puzzle_3194074 (1).png
Logical Learning

Learning primarily using logical systems and pattern recognition



Learning primarily using steps, logic, and pattern recognition.

Visual Learning

Learning primarily from visual sources such as images and videos

Visual Learning

Learning primarily from visual materials such as images and videos.

Read/Write Learning

Learning primarily through written materials and assignments

Read/Write Learning

Learning primarily from written materials and assignments.

Auditory Learning

Learning primarily from audio sources such as lectures and podcasts

Kinesthetic Learning

Learning primarily through hands-on activities and real world application

Kinesthetic Learning

Learning primarily by doing hands-on activities and practicing skills.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I customize the learning content for my organization?
    Yes. We offer a launch set of content that is curated for topics, sectors and departments. Our team then works with your organization to craft specialized learning experiences specifically for your needs.
  • Can I combine this with my Learning Management System?
    Yes. Our platform is designed to enhance learning for individuals, while augmenting existing or legacy LMS investments for the organization.
  • How do I join the Geflen Cohort?
    To inquire about joining the Geflen cohort or otherwise collaborating with us, please arrange to speak with a Geflen consultant.
  • How will I introduce this platform to my team and get buy-in?
    We offer assistance to help you develop your message, clearly identify your positioning, and do Return On Investment (ROI) modeling and cross functional impact assessments to ensure that you are introducing the platform to your team in the most impactful way possible.
  • I want to know how my team performs. What types of analytics will be shared with me?
    One of our strengths is the real-time analytics component, we have multiple offerings ranging from customized dashboards to integration and synchronization with existing business intelligence and reporting tools.
  • Will I need to manage the platform on my own?
    We offer fully managed and hosted plans as well as licensing agreements for organizations that want to handle everything in house, regardless of the path you chose, we assign dedicated resources to support you.
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